Charmaine Netball Academy


NetPlay (10-11 yo)

10 - 11 year old

Our netball program for girls aged 10 to 11 is designed to introduce them to the fundamentals of this exciting sport while fostering a love for physical activity and teamwork. Participants will learn the basics of netball, including passing, shooting, and defensive techniques, in a fun and supportive environment. Our experienced coaches focus on skill development, ensuring that each girl gains confidence and competence on the court.

Beyond the technical aspects, our program emphasizes sportsmanship, cooperation, and communication. Girls will have the opportunity to engage in friendly matches and activities that promote teamwork and fair play, helping them build valuable social and interpersonal skills.

Our aim is to instill a passion for sports and an active lifestyle in these young athletes. Join us for an enjoyable and enriching netball experience that sets the foundation for a lifetime of physical fitness and camaraderie.

You will learn about: Footwork



Skills Development

Defensive techniques


Footwork Position


Maintain Stamina


Healthy Competition

Footwork Position

Maintain Stamina

Healthy Competition

Play with Passion, Train with Purpose

Join us and experience the exhilaration of playing with unwavering passion, all while embracing the purposeful training that fuels your journey to netball excellence. It’s the winning combination that defines our Netball Academy and sets you on the path to success on the court.