Charmaine Netball Academy


NetKids (5-6 yo)

5 - 6 year old

Our netball program for girls aged 5 to 6 is a fun and engaging introduction to the world of sports. Designed with the youngest athletes in mind, this program focuses on developing basic motor skills, coordination, and teamwork in a playful and supportive environment. Our experienced coaches provide age-appropriate activities and games that help girls discover the joys of physical activity and movement.

Through interactive drills and activities, participants will begin to develop essential physical skills while learning to work and play together. Our program encourages teamwork, sharing, and cooperation, setting the stage for positive social development.

Join us for a program that sparks a love for sports and physical activity while fostering early friendships and building a strong foundation for future athletic pursuits.

You will learn about:

Foundation in netball

Ball Handling

Hand eye coordination

Basic Game Rules


Footwork Position


Maintain Stamina


Healthy Competition

Footwork Position

Maintain Stamina

Healthy Competition

Play with Passion, Train with Purpose

Join us and experience the exhilaration of playing with unwavering passion, all while embracing the purposeful training that fuels your journey to netball excellence. It’s the winning combination that defines our Netball Academy and sets you on the path to success on the court.