Charmaine Netball Academy


Mirxes National League 2023

Venue: Kallang Netball Centre
Dates: 29th May - 10th July

In a remarkable display of grit and determination, our youngest netball team fearlessly took on the challenge of competing against adults in the league. Though victory eluded us this time, every player emerged a winner in spirit. Throughout the netball league, not a single moment revealed any signs of giving up. Facing adult opponents is no easy feat, yet our girls showcased remarkable determination, delivering their best on the court and giving the opponents a compelling game. The invaluable experience gained in this unique matchup is a rare achievement for 12-year-olds, and we believe it will propel their progress swiftly in the future. Cheers to our resilient team, proving that sometimes, the real victories go beyond the scoreboard.

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